Schooling and Travel

Today we met with our son’s headmaster to discuss his schooling whilst travelling. At the early stages of planning the trip I admit that it was the one area that kept me awake at night.  After all, the main reason for the trip is to extend his learning beyond the four walls of his Birmingham classroom. But the worry was (is?) could I cut it as a teacher? I remember talking to my mum about Roturua, New Zealand’s geothermal wonderland, and she looked at me with her eyes wide open and asked ‘But what do you know about geothermal activity?’ and I had to concede ‘Nothing’. But I do now and surely this is how the best learning happens – you see something, you ask questions and ultimately you learn ( see Why travel? for more on this) .

A world trip presents myriad learning opportunities on almost every topic, from the migratory patterns of Monarch butterflies in California to Eastern culture and religion in Japan. When I began to prepare an outline of topics and relate them to curriculum subjects for my son’s headmaster it became fairly obvious that I could develop dozens of project ideas for every subject. I don’t know an awful lot about any of them but I guess we soon will!

We are very fortunate in that my son attends a wonderful school with a headmaster who fully supports our travel plans. He recognises that Noah will benefit hugely from his year out and has promised to do everything he can to ensure a smooth return back to school in 2012.


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One Response to Schooling and Travel

  1. Neil says:

    I was also impressed with how much support the school are going to give me here back in the UK to ensure that Noah’s mathematics continues a pace. Your idea of getting the school to follow the Blog and get Noah’s friends to interact with him via email and the website seemed to go down well. I can see the football scores for the Under 9’s being sent! Although without the star stiker / right mid – will they continue in their winning ways?!

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