An alternative Year 4 curriculum

Our latest ideas for travel schooling:

  • Geography – map reading, orienteering,topography, geology, ecosystems (marine biology, Yosemite, reefs, rainforests, Antarctica), Gondwanaland and future of modern day ‘arks’ like Codfish Island in NZ
  • History – European world discovery, colonisation (James Cook), local history
  • Art – Aboriginal art, local art & crafts, landscapes,  travel photography
  • RE/Philosophy -sacred sites (Aboriginal Dreamtime), Maori legend, Buddhism, Shinto shrines
  • English – travel writing, opportunities for publication, writing for digital media, descriptive writing
  • Maths – currencies, distances, budgeting, time differences, reading timetables, Japanese maths ! (plus regular curriculum work sent via email)
  • Music -world music (no, we are not taking the violin or drums but maybe a small instrument for busking purposes!)
  • Sports – snorkelling mostly, maybe Sumo!
  • Languages – Japanese and the odd bit of Aussie/NZ slang

If anyone has any suggestions we’d love to hear them.


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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7 Responses to An alternative Year 4 curriculum

  1. Jacqui Lewis says:

    How about environmentalism? A friend of mine is planning to build an eco home in New Zealand. And California must be full of people pursuing eco-friendly projects.

  2. Great idea – it’s easy to forget when you live in Birmingham!

  3. Jacqui says:

    Count me in for marine biology … studying up as we speak!

    • Jac,thanks but I also had you pencilled in for art and water sports! Your beautiful Japanese prints will be great but how’s your aboriginal art?

      • Jacqui says:

        No pressure – got some time to swot up. You know it is going to be the middle of bloody winter when you get here though, so not sure how watery our water sports are going to be … skipping stones? fishing?

  4. Becky Reidy says:

    Sam, I have plenty of Japanese books, even a small one for travelling with, with short phrases in. Dont think I will be needing it any time soon!!!

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