Tech headache

It’s three days into our trip and it’s fair to say that there have been a few teething problems. Our tech, designed to make our lives simpler, has been the biggest headache. First, our UK vodafones don’t appear to be supported by any US network (thanks sales guy!) which means they’ll be consigned to the bottom of our packs forever more and I’ll have to rely on maternal instinct and Noah’s good sense to avoid separation in crowded areas.

Secondly, and most tragically to Noah, his PSP cannot be charged by USB alone. This, at least, has been resolved by the sales angel at RadioShack and we are now equipped with enough gaming cables to power every device released.

The training programme

But, tech problems  aside, we are having a wonderful time in San Francisco. Our hostel room looks out onto the bay with the Golden Gate on the left and Alcatraz to the right and we are already applying the suntan lotion as the thermometer hits a barmy 20 degrees every day. Noah has also completed a maritime challenge and become a Young Ranger, which culminated in a most public pledge to preserve and protect America’s finest. In his own words he ‘ nearly died of embarrassment’ as Ranger Hoopper whopped and cheered his newest recruit. Oh boy, was it funny!


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One Response to Tech headache

  1. Neil Lloyd says:

    Hi Noah, or should that be Ranger Noah!!

    Its great talking to you – SKYPE is an amazing piece of technology – that so far hasn’t let us down. I’ll go see vodafone tomorrow to try and find a solution for the mobiles. Thank goodness for Radioshack – a Noah without his dose of Lego Batman – shudder at the thought.

    Goodluck on travelling to Santa Cruz – sounds like its got an amazing beach and surf scene – enjoy bodyboarding

    Take care – love Dad

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