We survived Death Valley!

After more than 3 weeks of managing our own tour around California we treated ourselves to a guided Green Tortoise tour around Death Valley. Travelling in a converted coach, we were able to visit places impossible to get to on public transport.  We trekked through colourful canyons, walked salt flats in badlands and rolled down enormous sand dunes.

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Noah’s Death Valley Facts:

  • It’s the hottest and driest place in North America
  • Less than 1% of the Death Valley desert is sand dunes
  • It was freezing at night, even sleeping on the bus
  • Coyote packs roam the Furnace Creek Campground
  • Borax was mined from the park
  • Badwater Basin, where the saltpans are, runs into water (in February)
  • It’s very tough getting out of Ubehebe Crater. It’s half a mile wide and about 230 metres deep
  • The tooth fairy gives $5 for a front tooth in Death Valley

About onebigfieldtrip

Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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3 Responses to We survived Death Valley!

  1. Mick and Lynette says:

    Hi Sam and Noah
    Really enjoying keeping up with your travels. Wow – what an adventure.
    We’re learning too along the way!
    Mick and Lynette

  2. anne hardman says:

    The photo’s are amasing Sam and Noah. I’m glad the tooth fairy gets to children where ever they may be, and she’s very fair with her rewards. Glad your having such an exciting trip. Love Anne XX

  3. Jean says:

    It certainly was a fantastic place to visit. It looks colourful and has amazing views. I would have loved to see how massive the Ubehebe Crater is. Beautiful photos, by the way.

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