When learning meets the real thing

Learning about tectonic plates

Today we joined everyone across New Zealand for 2 minutes to remember those who died in last week’s earthquake in Christchurch. It is particularly poignant as we spend wonderful days together visiting bubbling mudpools, hot water baths, spouting geysers and other sights only possible as a result of New Zealand’s shifting plates and geothermal activity.

This afternoon we spent time at the Volcanic Activity Centre near Taupo learning about why New Zealand is particularly affected and using GeoNet to monitor recent seismic activity. Today’s count was already at 4, measuring 3-4 magnitude, in the Christchurch area.

On a lighter note, waste heat from a geothermal power station is being put to great use at its neighbouring prawn farm. Fresh Waikato River water is heated to 20 degrees and is able to farm Giant Malaysian River prawns. As Noah is the king of prawns you can take it from him that the heat produces scrumptious, delicious prawns.

This is the one that didn’t get away and got cooked!

So hard to catch so quick to eat!


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One Response to When learning meets the real thing

  1. Neil Lloyd says:

    Prawn Fishing – must have been Noah heaven

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