Off the beaten track

Natural beauty at Bull's Creek

It’s only when you get to the south of the South Island that you realise how sparsely populated New Zealand is. With about a million people in the south there is plenty of space for some more exotic creatures. Yesterday at Cannibal Bay we saw fur seals and sea lions resting on the beach and at Nugget Point, in the Catlins, we saw rare yellow-eyed penguins. The coast line is stunning in itself but seeing these animals in the wild makes it even more special.


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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One Response to Off the beaten track

  1. Neil Lloyd says:

    I wonder if the Yellow Eyed Penguins have a blog – it might read “Today was disturbed by the visit of three pink toed humans. The smallest once had a red chest and great big smile”

    Have fun

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