Fascinating Fjordland

Reported by Noah

Cascade Creek Campsite on Milford Road

I’ve just spent the last week in Fjordland seeing the most spectacular and stunning views. We spent the first night in glorious Doubtful Sound on board the Fjordland Navigator. Our cabins were warm, cosy, comfy and luxurious with stunning views of the fjord. Fjords are formed by glaciers moving through them.

After our short cruise we drove along the scenic Milford Road to Milford Sound. My favourite part was Mirror Lakes because of the beautiful reflections. When we arrived in Milford it was even more beautiful than I expected it to be. We went on a short cruise through the fjord and out to the Tasman sea and even saw dolphins and fur seals. This week has had the best views of my whole experience in NZ so far.

Start of Lake Marion walk


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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3 Responses to Fascinating Fjordland

  1. HELEN POWELL says:

    Hi you guys u saw dolphins aww how sweet Take care see you all soon xxx

  2. Mélanie says:

    Hello !
    I only wanted to know how your round-the-world trip was. I read the articles on your website a few weeks ago and I tried to leave a comment but my computer stopped running brutally so that you must have not received it… I was angry and I did not try again. Since then, I have been working hard at school, I have had quite busy weeks but from this afternoon, I am on holidays for two weeks !
    I hope you are having fun ! I have read Noah’s articles (that are, incidentally, very well written and surely much better than my comment =)) and it seems to be a wonderful experience. I am sure both of you are going to derive many irreplaceable memories from this trip.
    I miss you.
    PS : sorry for my English and for the prepositions… I whish you understood what I meant.

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