Getting snappy in the rainforest

Reported by Noah –   After the lava tubes we left the dry Savannah and headed north to the lush green Daintree rainforest. The Daintree is a very special rainforest because it is the oldest in the world. The Amazon is about 7 million years old whereas the Daintree is thought to be between 110-200 million years old.


Listening to audio guide

I got to see the rainforest up close at the Discovery Centre. You can go right to the canopy of the rainforest on the 23 metre high tower. At different levels of the rainforest you can see different types of flora and fauna. It was interesting because I learnt about rainforest in Yr 2 at school and now I’ve seen one in real life.

Then we made our way up to Noah’s beach which was great. On the way back to our accommodation we stopped for a crocodile tour and saw Scarface, Lizzie and Dusty.


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