Aboriginal culture

Look no matches

Reported by Noah – Today we visited Tjapukai which is an Aboriginal cultural park.  We started off by being entertained by dance and how to start a fire without matches. After that we listened to a presentation about boomerangs, spears and clubs. Then, we listened to a bush medicine talk which was interesting and tasty!

Smelling Lemon Myrtle

Next, and the best bit, we had a go at launching a spear and throwing a boomerang. Mine really did come back. Later we listened to didgeridoo playing with a classic piano song behind it which Mum liked. I have had an amazing day learning about Aboriginal culture and Storytime myths and I got to take my painted story stone home.


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One Response to Aboriginal culture

  1. Jacqui White says:

    Excellent reporting Noah! What is that you are eating? I hope you didn’t eat any witchety grubs.

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