You can see it from the moon

My first time snorkelling

Reported by Noah – you may ask ‘what am I talking about?’, well, it’s the Great Barrier Reef of course, the biggest living thing on earth.  After waiting for 8 years I have finally had a chance to see the Great Barrier Reef with my own eyes. We went on a tour with Quicksilver and took a boat to their pontoon on the Outer Barrier Reef.


I snorkelled for the first time and thought it was really fun and liked seeing the brightly coloured fish. Sometimes they got a bit too close for comfort. But, some of the fish were also dull as you could see in the underwater tunnel. A semi-submersible boat also took us close to the coral which wasn’t as colourful as I expected.  Overall, the day was one of the best days of my life on the sea.



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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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6 Responses to You can see it from the moon

  1. Brenda Millichap says:

    hi noah sounds reallly exciting going snorkelling you lucky thing and you look great in your gear

    love nan x

  2. jamesgittins says:

    Hello Noah,

    Hope you are well. Australia sounds brilliant.

    See you in year 5

    Best Wishes



  3. helen powell says:

    Hi Sam and Noah

    Sounds like you are having great fun, wish we could hop on the plane and come and see you.Take care
    see you soon love from the ‘powells family xx

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