Travelling Light

Early flight to Melbourne

We’ve just flown from Brisbane to Melbourne but since we’re still a bit short on exciting travel news right now we thought you might like to see how we shape up with our backpacks. Most people comment on how light we travel but it all seems to depend on where we are in a particular journey and the weather. For instance, when its 30+ degrees its pretty unbearable wearing our fleeces and warmer clothes so they tend to get slung somewhere over our packs. Most of the time we also carry a cooler bag of food since we only eat out about 5% of the time. But still, our core travel bags are a 45 litre pack that weighs about 12 kilos and Noah’s backpack is usually 5 kilos. Our bags are generally half the size of other travellers but it also means that I have to hand-wash at least one piece of clothing every night. But I know what I’d rather choose in a dash for the bus/train/plane!


About onebigfieldtrip

Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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One Response to Travelling Light

  1. HELEN POWELL says:

    You are both looking very well. Really enjoy looking at your blog! Take care

    Lots of love
    Powells xx

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