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Japanese food- tasty in my tummy

Reported by Noah-I wasn’t expecting to like much Japanese food but I actually do! Different prefectures (areas) have speciality food. we’re in northern Japan Hokkaido          (an island) so there’s plenty of seafood around. Yesterday we went to the Hakodate fish … Continue reading

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Today we are having a quiz and the first person to answer correctly, using ‘comments’ below, will win a surprise from Japan (prize has yet to be decided). Sorry but our Japanese readers are excluded from this competition (you have … Continue reading

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Tokyo to Northern Honshu

We’ve been so busy in the last few days that we thought a photo report might be the easiest way to show you what a brilliant time we are having. We slept in our first Japanese bed We made our … Continue reading

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Mt Fuji behind clouds

First of all, I wanted to draw your attention to our new main photo. If you’ve been following our blog for the last 8 months you’ll have noticed that usually we change our headline photo as soon as we land … Continue reading

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Vending machines are everywhere!

Reported by Noah – I have noticed that there are loads of vending machines in Tokyo. They sell everything from drinks to food tickets and newspapers. I bought a Fanta drink today for 130 Yen (£1) so it’s about the … Continue reading

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Temples and technology in an utterly mixed up city

Wow, Tokyo is most definitely a city of contrasts. Yesterday we were transported back to the year 645 at Senso-ji, Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple and today we’ve been propelled into the future by watching Asimo the robot at the Futuristic … Continue reading

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The joys of travelling with kids

I thought that whilst we’re in Sydney airport waiting for a flight to Auckland that will  connect us to Tokyo I’d take the chance to share some travel insights. Well, I’m not exactly sure they’re insights but they are observations … Continue reading

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