Phillip Island’s Little Penguins

Reported by Noah –  Phillip Island is a penguin haven and that’s why we went to go and see these tiny penguins yesterday evening. So, we hopped on a bus and headed (not at penguin speed!)  two hours away to the world famous Penguin Parade. I liked the penguin centre at first sight. Sitting on ampitheatre style seats, we waited for the first penguins to come out of the sea. They come in small groups called ‘rafts’.

The night before the ranger counted over 1,000 but it is possible for 7,000 penguins to come out of the sea. After 20 minutes or so we left the beach and headed up the boardwalk to get closer views of the penguins as they shuffled noisily up to their nesting boxes. The penguins had made my day phenomenal. Well done penguins!!

This is what they look like







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One Response to Phillip Island’s Little Penguins

  1. Neil Lloyd says:

    Did you smuggle one out in your new rucksack – they look so cute. It could live in a bath or on Auntie Helens farm

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