Winter Sunshine on the Sapphire Coast

A Sunday Walk

Reported by Noah – We’ve left the hustle and bustle of Melbourne behind and are now on the quiet Sapphire Coast. It’s called the Sapphire Coast due to the colour of the sea. I took this photo on our walk this morning. It’s so sunny for the middle of winter. We were lucky enough to see some pelicans enjoying the sunshine. We hope that all our British readers are also out in the sun enjoying the heatwave that we’ve read about. 


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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4 Responses to Winter Sunshine on the Sapphire Coast

  1. Gordon Gittins says:

    Hi Noah,

    Looks good. Hope you are having fun.

    See you soon


    Ps not sure about the heatwave here!

  2. Neil Lloyd says:

    I agree – its just rained massive!!! – Take care you two

  3. Jones family says:

    Hi Noah and Sam,

    You two are having the bestest time!We finally got to Hamilton Zoo thanks for the recommendation we loved it.
    Jess and girls

  4. Hi girls, good to hear – we think of you all a lot and the happy time we spent together – Sam and Noah

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