Bay sharks and Bull sharks in Bateman’s Bay

Clyde river houseboat

Reported by Noah – We’re spending a few days in Bateman’s Bay before we head to Sydney which is about 5 hours away. Yesterday we boarded the Merinda for a trip down the Clyde River. We passed houseboats and oyster farms. The Clyde River is 75 miles long and starts at Bateman’s Bay and finishes at Yabra.


Bay sharks and bull sharks are frequently seen in the river. We stopped at historic Nelligen which was established in 1854 but there wasn’t much left to see.  However, we did see the remains of the bushrangers tree where the Clarke gang, a famous gang of robbers,  were tied up with chains before being taken to a Sydney gaol.

The Bushranger's tree

Unfortunately it’s pouring down today so we’re stuck in the YHA for the whole day!!


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One Response to Bay sharks and Bull sharks in Bateman’s Bay

  1. Becky, Jerry, Jacob and Jennifer Reidy says:

    I hope the rain stopped for you? The cricket is on at Edgaston at the mo – amazingly its sunny, and slightly warm (well Im still snuggled under my thick cardigan!!)

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