The joys of travelling with kids

Waiting at Sydney airport

I thought that whilst we’re in Sydney airport waiting for a flight to Auckland that will  connect us to Tokyo I’d take the chance to share some travel insights. Well, I’m not exactly sure they’re insights but they are observations  over the last 8 months.

1) Travelling with a child is nothing like travelling without one. Sure, some of the skills I learnt whilst travelling alone help but they don’t equip you with the full armoury. Most importantly you need to develop eyes in the back of your head otherwise you’ll lose them at every corner. The slightest interesting thing and they’re off fully expecting you to keep up with their erratic wanderings.

2) Kids make better travelling companions than most of the adult travellers I’ve met. First, they never complain when you say ‘I’m afraid it’s packet noodles again – could just be Noah and his dislike of vegetables though!’. They also never worry about logistics and fully expect that everything is going to work out fine. This positivity should not be underestimated when travel stresses start to build.

3)  You need heaps of energy – kids never seem to need to sit down at a cafe and rest a while. The only time I get to sit down is at playgrounds and then I’m usually tasked with timing how long it takes Noah to get from A to B via various pieces of equipment. Having said that, they can sleep through almost anything which is an enviable skill in some of the places we’ve slept in the last 8 months.

So, just some quick thoughts. Time to go now and start probably our most challenging country – Japan!


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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One Response to The joys of travelling with kids

  1. anne hardman says:

    Hi Sam,
    It sounds as if you and Noah have had such a marvelous time so far. I log in quite often to keep up with Noahs reports. He is going to have so much to tell all his friends when he goes back to school. Have a fantastic time in Japan.
    Love Anne. X

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