Temples and technology in an utterly mixed up city

Wow, Tokyo is most definitely a city of contrasts. Yesterday we were transported back to the year 645 at Senso-ji, Tokyo’s oldest Buddhist temple and today we’ve been propelled into the future by watching Asimo the robot at the Futuristic Science Centre in Odaiba. Since it was Noah’s day today we also went to the Gundam project (think huge Transporters in real size) and Sega World at Joypolis. Take a look at these photos for contrasting days!!

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It’s something of a culture shock when everything is all mixed up in a single mammoth-sized city. Regardless of what the guide books say there is very little English anywhere and we’ve already had numerous conversations not knowing what on earth was going on. Fortunately everyone thinks Noah is cute and he is drilled to say ‘ Arigato’ (thank you) everytime someone helps us out and they beam with smiles.  Tomorrow we’re meeting a local who speaks English for an afternoons sightseeing so communication should be a little easier!


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One Response to Temples and technology in an utterly mixed up city

  1. Neil says:

    Well you two havn’t wasted any time in submerging yourselves in all that Tokyo has to offer. Gald you’re both ok and well done Noah on the language and cuteness skills

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