Vending machines are everywhere!

Food tickets which turn into meals

Reported by Noah – I have noticed that there are loads of vending machines in Tokyo. They sell everything from drinks to food tickets and newspapers. I bought a Fanta drink today for 130 Yen (£1) so it’s about the same price as in the shops. We haven’t bought a food ticket yet but we hope to soon.

There is one vending machine for every 23 people in Japan but because of the power shortage some people say there should be less.

This was buying the robot

There are also lots of capsule machines on every street. For 200 Yen (£1.57)  you can buy some cool toys from these. I’ve already bought one badge, one Star Wars watch and one robot but I want mum to give me some more money so that I can buy one of each.


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One Response to Vending machines are everywhere!

  1. Neil says:

    Far from Japan being a daunting experience it seems its heaven on earth for you Noah :). Keep pushing mum for cash, I’ll bring some dollars to London.

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