Mt Fuji behind clouds

Mt Fuji

First of all, I wanted to draw your attention to our new main photo. If you’ve been following our blog for the last 8 months you’ll have noticed that usually we change our headline photo as soon as we land in a new country.  However, we’ve had a bit of trouble trying to find Japanese landscapes without crowds of people since it takes a bit of time to take 3 photos in quick succession. We thought we’d cracked it at Mt Fuji’s lookout but you can’t exactly see Japan’s highest mountain which maybe explains why there weren’t hundreds of people around. But still, you get the idea and we will endeavour to put up a few more from Japan.

Now a note on Mt Fuji – we’re on a flying visit (just 24 hours) and no, we’re not climbing it! Instead, we enjoyed a sweat-free cable car ride to the observation point this afternoon and strolled back down to the lake. Unfortunately we never got to see the mountain as it was shrouded in heavy cloud (apparently the winter is best viewing time).  Maybe tomorrow? Log on to find out!!

PS. Noah worked his camera magic for this photo


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2 Responses to Mt Fuji behind clouds

  1. Neil says:

    What an amazing couple of photos – Noah, you are going to be a fantastic photographer.

  2. Brenda Millichap says:

    hi noah sounds as though you keep having loads of adventures which look great

    love nan and grandad

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