Today we are having a quiz and the first person to answer correctly, using ‘comments’ below, will win a surprise from Japan (prize has yet to be decided). Sorry but our Japanese readers are excluded from this competition (you have an unfair advantage!)  So, here’s the question….

What are you looking at ?

(apart from a lady on clouds!)


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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12 Responses to READER’S COMPETITION!!

  1. Neil Lloyd says:

    Is it a field of sweetcorn

  2. No sorry, that’s the wrong answer, but funnily enough we are eating quite a bit of sweetcorn at the moment!

  3. HELEN POWELL says:

    Hi I think it is a painting.

  4. Gordon Gittins says:

    Obvious answer that it’s a rice field! Hope all is well all seems very exciting lol James, Nicola & Gordon xxxx

    • noah l. says:

      well done Gittins family you are the lucky winners of the quiz. i will find something for gordon i think he will like it!!!!!!!!

  5. Jean says:

    I think “Gordon Gittins” got it right – It’s Japanese rice-field art – painted with different coloured crops. Its kodaimai rice, which has purple and yellow leaves, is planted among green-leaved tsugaru roman rice to create the patterns.

  6. Brenda Millichap says:

    hi noah oh dear i have missed the competition as i have been away for a few days i am sure i would have got it right

    love nan

  7. Becky, Jerry, Jacob and Jennifer Reidy says:

    Great to read all your travel experiences. Very jealous. Well Jacob and Jennifer are back to school next week. It has gone fast, but I couldnt tell you what we have been up to!! Lots of cycling in parks, a week in Wales, cinema and just general pottering about really. Enjoy the rest of your travels!! xx

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