Japanese food- tasty in my tummy

Reported by Noah-I wasn’t expecting to like much Japanese food but I actually do! Different prefectures (areas) have speciality food. we’re in northern Japan Hokkaido          (an island) so there’s plenty of seafood around. Yesterday we went to the Hakodate fish markets. There were lots of fresh fish stalls but what caught my eye was a lady shredding grilled cuttlefish fish fins. She gave us a sample and we both really enjoyed it so we just had to buy some.

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Today we were in Otaru and discovered it was famous for its panjus. These are soft cake domes filled with different fillings. We bought one chocolate and one custard and we both loved them so we bought the same again. Luckily for me the chocolate one was actually a custard one so I got another one for free!!

I’m also hoping to try salmon eggs whilst we’re here.

My stomach hopes we’ll have more of these tasty experiences.


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2 Responses to Japanese food- tasty in my tummy

  1. Brenda Millichap says:

    hi noah sounds absolutely scrummy

    love nan

  2. hi, I tried the salmon eggs today – really salty and liquidy – disgusting! Mum had to eat them

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