A prayer for world peace in Hiroshima

Peace Memorial Park

Travelling presents daily introductions to new topics of conversation and this was certainly the case in Hiroshima. Whilst Noah had learnt about the 1st and 2nd World Wars his knowledge didn’t include the world’s first Atomic Bomb. Fortunately, today’s Hiroshima is a thriving and attractive city with plenty of green space and wide open streets.

Our focus was on the city’s call for future world peace rather than the horrors of the cities destruction and individual accounts of suffering.  At the Peace Memorial Park we looked at the Children’s Peace Monument and the hundreds of paper cranes, made by children, which symbolise longevity and happiness. We also saw the Flame of Peace which will only be extinguished when the last nuclear weapon on earth is destroyed.

the a-bomb dome

Finally, we walked over the river to the A-Bomb Dome which was where the bomb exploded. My most poignant memory is of Noah tolling the bell for world peace and catching him with his eyes closed praying for what he later told me was for the end of all wars.  Let’s hope that his generation can make this come true.


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One Response to A prayer for world peace in Hiroshima

  1. Jacqui White says:

    Oh my god, he is such a good egg. Give him a big hug from me! Glad you guys are having an amazing time and gutted to have missed you.

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