Our last 24 hours in Japan


Quite unbelievably our time is almost up in Japan. It’s been a hectic and boiling hot 4 weeks, travelling from the very top of the country to the Japanese Alps and as far south as Hiroshima. Losing our wallet cost us a couple of days so we didn’t get as far south as we had wished but our JR train pass was definitely well-used.

We have had some wonderful last days and spent it with the most amazing Couchsurf family. Noah’s highlights  have been the shinkansens (bullet trains), the food and the amazing families we have had the good fortune to stay with. I’d definitely recommend Japan to families  but you need to be pretty experienced travellers to cope with the language and cultural barriers away from the main tourist areas. Coping with the  heat whilst sight-seeing for 7 hours a day has been the biggest challenge and I’d definitely advise anyone to avoid the summer heat.


After a brief stay in London, we’ll be off to  East Coast America and Canada for the final leg of our journey. Please log on for more adventures.


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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One Response to Our last 24 hours in Japan

  1. Jacqui White says:

    When are you guys in London? Can I at least get to say hello then? Let me know if you need somewhere to stay – there is a spare room in the offing!

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