M&M’s, Nintendo, Toys’r’us and rain!


Is that the real Statue of Liberty?

Reported by Sam and Noah –  Having escaped the streets of Newark, New Jersey (not a place I recommend anyone staying) we spent a wet and soggy first day in New York. We’d like to say we saw the sights but quite honestly the sightseeing bus windows were so fogged up with the heat of wet tourists that we didn’t see anything. So instead of the MoMa art gallery where Mum wanted to go we hung out at Nintendo World where I played on the new 3D DS (it only costs $169 here).

On the way to Times Square we stopped off at M&M World and bought some M&M’s from the huge wall of dispensers.

Time for some chocolate

I did a test to check out my M&M mood and I discovered I was teal coloured and was told to eat more chocolate. Further on we saw a Toys’ R’Us with a massive ferris wheel inside – it was awesome. Apart from being soaked the whole day, I thought New York was pretty cool. Tomorrow Mum hopes we can go and see the Statue of Liberty.


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2 Responses to M&M’s, Nintendo, Toys’r’us and rain!

  1. Brenda Millichap says:

    hi sounds as though you had a wonderful time at legoland, i think that i should go and check out that m/m shop as they might hopefully tell me i should eat more choccy

    love nan

  2. Nan, it’s OK we did the test for you and it definitely said eat more chocolate! do you like the photo I took at the top of this page. it’s from Central Park, New York?

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