The big rotten Apple

Near Times Square

Well, New York isn’t our favourite place to spend time. Sure, it’s glitzy and there’s enough to keep kids happy but it’s all the bits in between.  Unless you’re happy to get around on the tourist buses for the duration of your stay or walk everywhere you’re going to have to get on public transport and that is pretty horrible with kids.  There were never any staff to help  and the rules on whether kids should pay depends entirely on the discretion of individual conductors.

Coming from Japan the entire transport system looks third world and at night it’s really scary with little kids. This evening on the New Jersey train from Penn the entire roof of one area flooded and drenched 4 passengers from head to toe – apparently the cooling seals had gone and this happens a lot!! All in all, I’d probably give New York a miss until the kids are either  teenagers or you win the lottery and can hire your own driver. I’d add a portable toilet into that too because you can never find one that you’d be willing to use (again think, third world here). Sorry New Yorkers but how on earth do you put up with this!


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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