Towering Toronto

The CN Tower

Having left the glitz of Niagara we travelled a couple of hours east to Toronto, Ontario. Obviously no visit is complete without a visit to the CN Tower and Noah was most impressed to discover that for a long time it was the tallest structure in the world (now beaten by Burj Khalifa in Dubai). Incidentally, the new and sadly last title photo (above) is taken from the top of the tower.

Our second day in Toronto was almost entirely filled with a visit to the brilliant Ontario Science Centre. We were lucky to go on the opening day of the new GPS and geocaching exhibit and spent an hour tracking coordinates around the globe.  It’s only when you do something like this that you realise how much knowledge kids absorb when travelling. Noah sped through the challenge, inputting co-ordinates and locations faster than a Japanese Bullet train!


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One Response to Towering Toronto

  1. Brenda Millichap says:

    hi noah sounds great in canada you wil have so much to tell us about when you get home cant wait

    love nan and grandad

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