We’re home

On Amtrak for 12 hours!

By the miracle of modern travel we are now back in Birmingham, UK. Neither of us can quite believe it. Noah keeps saying ‘we’re home, we’re home’, reassuring himself that we are back and that the backpacks can finally take a break.

Unfortunately due to a lack of internet access we weren’t able to blog on our mammoth journey from Quebec-Montreal-New York- New Jersey-London-Birmingham. But it was loooooong, the journey of all journeys. For both of us the descent into London was emotional and I had to agree with Noah when he said ‘I can’t believe we did it Mum’

As Noah ran into his Dad’s arms at the airport a huge wave of relief washed over me. I had single-handedly taken my 8 yr old around the world and I had bought him back safely to his very understanding Dad. I had avoided abduction, getting lost, broken bones and not a single hours sickness (yes, I imagined the worst!) and now the pressure was off.  It was immensely liberating.

In the course of the year I had shown Noah that this world is full of generous people, beauty and true wonders. Most importantly he has learnt that with an open mind and heart this world is open to him to explore for the rest of his life. And with travelling skills far beyond his years I know that Noah will go on to see much more of this wonderful world and that he will make a big difference in it.

But for now both of us are just so happy to be back home. Neither of us has any intention to set foot on a plane for a very long time.

Thank you for following our adventure around the world – we know we have quite a few followers out there. We hope that we have inspired you to travel with your kids – to set out on your own and simply make it up as you go. Please don’t stop logging off as we have our final statistics to announce – we think the number of train journeys we took will amaze you!!


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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12 Responses to We’re home

  1. helen powell says:

    Welcome home your guys i loved following your blog sam u r amazing going around the world with a 8 year old well done c u both soon love u both loads Powells family xxx

    • Thanks Helen. It was totally exhausting travelling with a kid like Noah but an absolute pleasure to spend the time and experiences with him. I hear there could be another potential traveller for me to convert in the Powell family – congratulations. We can’t wait to meet her!Love to you all, esp. Ian.

  2. Becky, Jerry, Jacob and Jennifer Reidy says:

    Welcome back. I had tears in my eyes reading this blog. Will no doubt see you very soon. xx

  3. Thanks Reidy family. We’re battling with towers of cardboard boxes but we wil definitelyl catch up with you all soon.

  4. Gordon Gittins says:

    Welcome back! Look forward to seeing you both soon James,nicola & Gordon

  5. Jean says:

    Welcome back home! It was great reading you on your adventure around the world. It has been very informative and inspirational. Thanks.

  6. Thanks Jean. You already do a fair bit of travel but I’m glad you enjoyed the blog. All the best, Sam

  7. Neil says:

    Well the two of you did it. Noah, you’ve seen more of the world than I’ll ever see and whilst you’ll probably never quite understand the responsability mum had (I am immensly grateful for Sam taking such good care of Noah), in years to come you’ll realise how much you have benefited from ‘One Big Field Trip’. Now I’d recommend you go and see what the UK has to offer, especially London….thats after you’ve discovered every one of your toys – again!!

  8. Mick and Lynette says:

    hi sam. noah. we are very proud of you. it was great to follow you round the world. hope to see you soon. lots of love. mick. lynette xx

  9. Thank you – it was our pleasure. We will definitely make a trip down soon. We’ll be in touch. love Sam and Noah

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