Knights of Valletta

A typical Valletta street

A typical Valletta street

By Noah –  After enduring a hair-raising bus journey from Mellieha to Valletta, the capital of Malta, we entered the city by its old citadel walls.  Without a detailed map we got lost quite quickly but ended up at the Barracka Gardens just in time for a tourist presentation.  We both set our watches to the historical cannon blast  which signalled exactly midday. We then descended into the depths of the rock below and marvelled at the doors cut into the rock face before returning upwards and towards our first destination. 

Now in the doorway of  St. John’s  Co-Cathedral we were presented with a commentary walkie-talkie (which I was told not to use!) and were ushered into the stunning Baroque cathedral beyond. Every inch was covered in glistening golden patterns,  marvellous marble tombstones and beautiful paintings, thanks to the generosity of St. Johns Knights. I later learnt more about the Knights at the Knights Hospitallers underneath Fort Elmo.

By the time we got back the combined effect of the sun and the 7,000 plus steps, our legs were ready to drop off! As you can see from my panoramic photo the views were spectacular in every direction.


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One Response to Knights of Valletta

  1. Brenda Millichap says:

    Hi Noah sounds as though you are having a real exciting time and doing loads of things in a short time, love Nan

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