A Maltitude of things to do

Bridge to Pergola HotelBy Noah – As per usual we’ve been packing our days full with interesting and exciting activities.

First of all, we’ve travelled into the old capital city of Mdina and walked around its historic streets. We then walked over to the neighbouring city of Rabat where we explored (and sometimes got lost in) the labyrinth of catacombs under the town. Catacombs are underground burial chambers dating from Roman times.  Despite this grizzly use they were also used as air raid shelters in the Second World War (see picture)


We’ve also been meeting the locals (thanks Karen) , geocaching with and without success, swimming and walking along the beach in the sun (feeling sorry for England!)




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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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2 Responses to A Maltitude of things to do

  1. Neil Lloyd says:

    Hi, sounds like you’re having a fab time.

  2. anne hardman says:

    Sounds like you are already doing so much. Im jealous of the swimming and walking on the beach, we are getting wet but in a different way. enjoy your trip, say hello to your mum for me. waiting on your next report. xx

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