Freezing in Swedish Lappland

Kiruna hostel view

View of our hostel apartment

From unseasonably warm winter weather in Malta (26 degrees on our balcony) the temperature gauge has plummeted to minus 28! Everywhere we travel the locals tell us the weather is unusual for the time of year – a sign of global warming perhaps?

The 15 minutes we spent walking to our hostel numbed our legs but even the local teacher we met said it was too cold for her. Admittedly we weren’t wearing our thermals, as we’d only just got off the plane, so when we visit the Snofestival tomorrow we’ll add extra layers.

Everything is very white and very cold. We hope to take some better photos tomorrow because the sun was setting by the time we got here at 2pm.



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4 Responses to Freezing in Swedish Lappland

  1. Lombard100 says:

    Glad you got there safe. As for the cold, might I suggest you walk a bit swifter. Looks very pretty though. Have a great day tomorrow. Look forward to the pictures

  2. A N Mous says:

    Don’t sit down for too long, you may get frost bite where you don’t want to!!!

  3. The Quizmaster says:

    Today’s quiz question for Noah

    At what temperature is it the same in Fahrenheit as it is in Centigrade (Celsius)?

    • Dear Quizmaster, Fahrenheit and celsius are the same at -40. Here’s how you work it out for next time!

      x = 5/9 * (x – 32)

      x = (5/9)x – 17.778

      1x – (5/9)x = -17.778

      0.444x = -17.778

      x = -40 degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit

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