It’s minus 31 in Kiruna

Freezing our eyelashes off

Freezing our eyelashes off

By Noah- Today we’ve been looking around the Snow Festival and trying to acclimatise to the freezing temperature. One of the surprising problems of being this far north are the static electric shocks, which are really annoying me. So, putting on lots of layers of wools and different conductive materials isn’t much fun.

Once we’re outside in the snow they kind of disappear but then we have other problems like our eyelashes freezing (see photo of mum).  We also can’t use a map as our hands would freeze so we have to wander around aimlessly. But we’ve still managed to see the snow blower race and most of the festival.  See photos,

Sam on an ice-slide

Sam on an ice-slide

Ice sculpture at Snofestivalen

Ice sculpture at Snofestivalen


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One Response to It’s minus 31 in Kiruna

  1. Lombard100 says:

    That’s nothing. I did my cross country race with thunder, lightening and hail. It hurt a lot!! Sounds like you’ve had a great day. Love the pics. Electric shocks sound interesting. Have fun and keep writing please

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