Skiing for the first time

ImageBy Noah-  Today we decided to walk the opposite way to the town and watch a snowmobile race. But as you can see from the photo on the left it didn’t really work out like that. We arrived about 20 minutes early (as usual) so had to wait for the race to begin as the snowplough was still clearing the course.


After watching many skiers going up the ski lift and almost flying down the slope I decided that I really wanted a go. So we then wandered around the bottom of the slope trying to find where the skiis were kept as mum was still a bit sceptical about me going down the slope and (eventually) falling down. But, after walking into the cafe and a lot of pondering we walked through a doorway and found them! Within minutes I was kitted out with skiis and poles. As this was my first time skiing even on the little hill on the way to ski lift I fell over but got straight back up, undeterred and made my way over to the lift. As my mum looked on in dread and pride I carefully shimmied off the seat and side-stepped into the middle of the slope.Slowly turning my skiis straight down the slope I pushed off the flat and shot down towards the bottom. I went far to fast and accidentally dropped one of my poles and kind of lost control and skidded to a halt, took my skiis off and trekked back up the hill to retrieve my pole and then went back to the lift to start it all over again.

Now back in our room tired but happy we get ready for the night and the day that follows.

On my feet

On my feet


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6 Responses to Skiing for the first time

  1. Lombard100 says:

    And why are there no photos of mum skiing?

  2. The Quizmaster says:

    Today’s quiz question:

    What is the maximum angle that the sun reaches in the sky in mid summer at the pole (north or south)?

  3. The Quizmaster says:


    The maximum angle at both the North and South pole is 23 1/2 degrees, hence the reason why sunrise and sunset are very long as it takes a long time for the sun to go fully below the horizon when it first starts to (except of course in mid summer when it never goes below the horizon). Conversely, at the equator, sunrise and sunset are very fast as the sun is rising and setting almost perpendicular to the horizon.

  4. The Quizmaster says:


    Today’s question.

    Bearing in mind the answer to the last question, why is it that even though there is 24 hours sunshine at both poles during the summer months, it is still cold and the icecaps don’t melt?

    • Dear Quizmaster,

      There are two main reasons why.
      1. At an angle of 23 1/2 the sun is so low on the horizon all day. And because of this the sun’s rays are more spread out so there is much less energy per square metre.
      2. The ice and snow reflects much of the sun’s rays which makes it even harder for the sun’s energy to melt the snow.

      I hope this answers all your questions for now.

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