Checking in at the (N)Ice Hotel




By Noah – Wow! After recommendations from locals and tourists alike we just had to go to one of Sweden’s seven wonders- the very first Icehotel. Having been rebuilt over 20 times since 1990 it is the largest ever hotel made purely of snow and ice in the world. Using ice blocks extracted from the nearby Torne river and snow taken from the surrounding area the world-class artist and designers put together 6,000 tons of ice and 27,200 tons of snow to create a 6,000 square metre holiday location for ice lovers.


Tube room

Tube room

Throughout the Winter months in which the outside temperature can rise from -31 to -13 the extraordinary building maintains a core of about -5 . It takes about 6-7 weeks to create the rooms and corridors (see photos) and then only 1-2 weeks to carve the most wonderful and spectacular sculptures you have ever seen. he rooms were awesome as they comprised of themes such as an underground station ( where the bed was in a train) and a scientific room made up of trapdoors, control panels and De Graaff Generators. At over 200 pounds a night we just could not stay there (which was a shame, I assure you) and retired to our hostel; yet again wowed at what we had seen.

In the Main Hall

In the Main Hall


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4 Responses to Checking in at the (N)Ice Hotel

  1. The Quizmaster says:


    Well done on the answer to the last question. You are right that it is the intensity and directness of the sun that is the primary creator of warmth, not simply the amount of sunlight.

    Your ice hotel looked spectacular, did you take the Unicorn back with you?

    There is a slight change of tack for today’s conundrum.

    Which type of penguin forms the largest part of an Inuit’s diet ?

  2. Lombard100 says:

    The pictures look great, if a little bit chilly. Where next??

    • Brenda Millichap says:

      Sounds as though you are having a wonderful time and taking advantage of every opportunity, ice hotel sounds great, thanks for the lovely photos of it.

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