Up and down, up and down

By Noah- We’re still travelling up and down Sweden and have been lucky to stay with friendly Swedish families. In Husqvarna we had a very strange barbeque, in the dark, in the winter, in the snow. Apparently this is normal behaviour for Swedes. We also went round the Huskvarna factory museum. You’ll probably recognise the brand as chainsaw makers but they also produce sewing machines but they did in fact start off as a gun factory but stopped production when the Franco-Prussain war ended.

Middle of winter BBQ

Middle of winter BBQ

Factory produce

Factory produce

Then, in a bid to see the sea, we travelled south to Nynashamn, a near-deserted seaside village 60km (37.5m) from Stockholm. Here we took a scenic walk around a lake (Sweden has soooooooo many) before walking into the town centre and looking out to sea. From here you can actually take a boat to Helskinki, but we’re not, we’re taking the plane.


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