We’re in Finland now

On the ferry

On the ferry

By Noah and Sam – We’ve travelled east to Helsinki, the capital city of Finland.  Only 5.4 million people live in Finland, with just 610,000 living here. We’re staying somewhere even quieter – one of the islands off Helsinki called  Suomenlinna. This sea fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and only accessible by boat. The boat ride is awesome as it cuts through thick ice. It’s surprisingly noisy and the water looks like a giant slush puppy near the boat, until you get to the thicker, bigger sheets of ice. 

Today we visited the Kamppi Chapel of Silence which was an amazing wooden building, a lot like a  bowl. We continued the religious theme with a visit to the Rock Church (Tempeliaukio), which is a church excavated directly into rock. It’s probably the most amazing church we’ve ever seen.

The wooden church

The wooden church

The Rock Church

The Rock Church


The wooden church

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One Response to We’re in Finland now

  1. Brenda Millichap says:

    Hi, sounds like you are having an amazing time and your photos are fantastic.

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