Well stone me, we’re going to Estonia

By Noah- When Mum told me we could go from Helsinki to Tallinn (Estonia) I    half-believed her as I knew you could go to many places from Helsinki by boat but didn’t expect that Estonia was an option. For about half a day we contemplated over whether or not to go as it didn’t seem ‘part of the Scandinavian trip’. But, being intrepid(-ish) travellers we eventually just had to jump at the chance to put another country on the list. However,even after practising the route two days before and picking up a local map of Tallinn it still just didn’t seem real.

The Superestar Ferry

The Superestar Ferry

As you can probably realise from the photo this plan did go ahead. The ferry cut across the Gulf of Finland     (in the Baltic sea) and in only two the port of Tallinn was in sight.

A typical Tallinn street

A typical Tallinn street

The self-prepared tour (courtesy of Mum) took us past many historical landmarks throughout the old town. As we were visiting in an off-peak season we had many of the small lanes to ourselves as we meandered down the windy ways

The town also boasted one of the best preserved Medieval walls in Europe which provided an excellent view of the red roofs and spires of the nearby churches. We’re very glad we took this opportunity!

A nice View

A nice View


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