Death Valley II – This Time It Hurt…a bit

By Neil- A rare post from me, so apologies if it’s not up to the usual quality you expect on this blog.  We have just returned from a 3 day tour of Death Valley taking in sights such as the Hot Springs, Ubehebe Crater, Golden Canyon, Scottys Castle and the China Ranch.  We toured with a coach/travel company called Green Tortoise and I’d highly recommend them, especially if travelling with children.  There are a few main reasons why:

1. It’s a safe, hassle free way to travel. You basically eat, sleep, drink on the coach – what can possibly go wrong. Talking of eating…

2. Children are encouraged to muck in.  Noah made us breakfast two days in a row – one of which was pancakes, where he served 34 people in less than 30 minutes

3. 34 people.  That’s 34 people who have never met your child.  Think he’s super cute and basically take ownership of him.  I had an offer for him from 4 girls at Claremont and a Amercian Vietnamese family from San Jose.  I declined them all in case you’re wondering

4. On our coach we had Ukranians, Germans, Amercians and a Singaporean.  The mix of cultures meant that conversations were always lively, however, some of my  jokes were lost in translation.  I’m sure it was my translation!

5. Finally, when things can go wrong the team spirit is amazing.

We lost one man for 3 hours  and whilst not needed, it was clear to see that all 34 people were prepared to trek back through a canyon in blazing heat to find him. He had merely returned to the start of the walk and was waiting to be picked up.

And finally the only other incident to speak of was Noah deciding that the Ubehebe Crater would be a cool thing to run down.  Its a steep crater, very steep, the kind of steep that your legs can’t keep up with.  You guessed it – he was described by the tour guide as being the most flexible person he’d ever seen, particularly when his legs came over his head.  After rushing to his side I found Noah winded and with a few scrapes.  First aid and hugs administered I remained worried about him up until the point when he said he couldn’t wait to go sand dune boarding in an hours time.

There you have it, for a hassle free holiday, with great scenery, a few mild scares, but way more laughs, I’d definitely recommend Death Valley with Green Tortoise as a starter for ten.


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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One Response to Death Valley II – This Time It Hurt…a bit

  1. Now I’ve worked out how to comment on our own blog, I just want to say how strange it feels being the one at home and reading about your travel adventures. You are both obviously having a wonderful time travelling and Noah is doing a brilliant job showing his Dad how to backpack. Hope you dusted him down after the fall. Big Kiss Noah, with love from Mum (the armchair traveller for now!)

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