Viva Las Vegas

GetAttachmentBy Neil – So popular was my last blog, I’ve written another one before handing back to Noah to continue his travelling adventures in Spain.

Staying in Circus Circus, last week we landed in Vegas for a week of sightseeing, partying and gambling.  So how did it go?


The highlight of the week had to be the helicopter flight over the Hoover Dam on the way to lunch in the Grand Canyon.  The scale of the place is phenomenal.  An amazing experience made only a bit more scary by Noah being made co-pilot for the trip.

We also visited every hotel on the strip, aquarium at Mandalay Bay, Pinball Hall of Fame, Stratosphere, Fremont Experience and the largest gift shop in the World!!


We were lucky enough to take two limos during the week – one to the helicopter and the other to Serendipity 3 for a fab dinner.  I left to visit the washrooms only to return to find Noah eating his desert before main.  Turned out it was their famous frozen hot chocolate.  Certainly looked delicious. Outside of that we ate at other great places including Pizza Rocks where we blended in watching college basketball and chilled in the pool.  So all in all we did rock the strip, kinda.


If you didn’t know, you have to be 21 to gamble in LV and children aren’t allowed to loiter by gambling machines.  This could have been a problem, however they do have a massive amount of arcade machines which dish out tickets, which you can exchange for prizes.  What started out as a plan to get 500 tickets turned into an epic mission as we clocked over 1500 and took home a ping pong ball shooter, dart board and two pairs of headphones.

So there you have it.  You can take children to Las Vegas, there is a massive amount for them to do and whilst I’ve told you most of what we did, I’m afraid some of what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!!


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