Andalucian Adventures

DSCF4065By Sam – Without getting too gushy about Mothers’ Day I can’t help but feel I’m the luckiest mum alive. It was touch and go for a while as I damaged a disc in my neck on the last trip, but against all the odds we’re on the road again.

Although the backpack has been replaced with a shopping trolley to minimise lifting, and I’m travelling with enough painkillers to attract the attention of the custom’s dog, nothing will diminish my sense of adventure. 

I’ve had a wonderful day. I’ve seen the ocean. Felt the sun on my face. Bought train tickets with a foreign currency. Marvelled at Picasso’s art (open for free this evening). Been stunned by the sheer size of the stone pillars in  Malaga Cathedral. Nodded a lot as Spanish people engage me in small talk (I don’t speak a word of Spanish!). And resorted to asking Noah to find the way back to the hostel. But mostly, I’ve just smiled and laughed with the best travelling companion ever – my son.





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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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One Response to Andalucian Adventures

  1. Timothy Ngo says:

    Best wish to you, my young men friend from UK. You show your brave attitude when go ran down the…big vocanic hole. keep your spirit up for your lifr to come. Best regard. Timothy Ngo

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