From Pixar to Prado

By Noah- Occasionally, just occasionally, travellers like myself and my mum get really, really (,really) lost. And can you guess why I’m bringing this up? If you hadn’t already figured it out, today was one of those ‘getting lost’ days. (Now here is the tricky bit). Last night, being starved after our 5 hr bus trip from Granada to Madrid (our current location), we turned left out of our accommodation to find food, returned and went to sleep.

Today we looked at the map and thought (wrongly) that we should turn left to go into central Madrid. But of course we ended up walking around 3 streets for almost 2 hours.

Finally, at about midday we stumbled across our first destination, the Caixaforum. Relieved at being on the right road we happily dumped our bags and headed towards the Pixar exhibition. Although not my mum’s idea of what Madrid had to offer us, this exhibition showed some of the  pre-movie drawings that were used in their animation film such as Cars,  The incredibles and Toy story. Then we visited another exhibition called ‘Genesis’ which included many, beautiful photographs of places on earth left untouched by humanities for centuries.

A short stroll down the hill and we spotted a place to eat paella, a famous Spanish dish, which was more of a success than our recent adventure with churros (don’t ask!).

We then walked down Paseo Del Prado to take in the sights of some plazas including plaza de colon. This strangely named plaza was built in commemoration of Christoper Columbus. the strange name is because of the fact that Columbus translates into colon in Spanish.

Then to end our day we headed into Museo De La Prada (free after 6) to sample some famous paintings from painters such as Rubens and Goya. All in all, we alked from 10am to 8pm!! We’re exhausted!

Paseo Del Prado

Paseo Del Prado


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One Response to From Pixar to Prado

  1. Neil Lloyd says:

    Certainly looks very sunny where you are. Sounds like you’re having a great time. Enjoy the weekend

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