Hot,hot,hot in Seville

By Noah- Today has been another busy day. It started with a trip to the Seville bullring. It is the second oldest bullring in the world and can seat up to 13,000 people at once. We then had a tour of the bullfighting museum where we learnt about the main fighter, the Matador, and his helpers, the Picadors. The museum also featured many bulls heads with ears missing. This was because if the judge thought it was a good fight, the Matador would get one or two ears. However, if the judge thought the fight was perfect ,the Matador would get both ears and the tail.

Next, we visited the world’s largest Gothic Cathedral. Seville cathedral is also the burial site of Christopher Columbus, a great traveller like me!! The Giralda Tower is the former Minaret of the Mosque that it once was. there were a staggering 35 ramps to the top but it gave us great views of the city.


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2 Responses to Hot,hot,hot in Seville

  1. Oh, you’re in gorgeous Sevilla…I miss it so much! Did you meet my friend Alfonso?

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