Our 100th blog is from Cordoba – write to us!

blog picBy Noah and Sam- We are jointly writing our 100th blog from Cordoba in Andalusia. Neither of us quite expected it to get this far, in both the number of blogs written and the amount of readers we have around the world. We have followers from America and Australia to Chad and Columbia. It’s certainly been an adventure for us. For this special 100th blog we’re asking you to comment on our blog using the buttons below. We’d like to know where your dream travel place would be and why. If you send us your ideas,we’ll put your name in Noah’s lucky travel hat and randomly draw out a winner and send them a Spanish gift .

So get commenting now. In the meantime we’ll just say that the Great Mosque of Cordoba, currently a cathedral, was definitely worth messing about with our travel plans and taking us over budget. It is one of a kind.


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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10 Responses to Our 100th blog is from Cordoba – write to us!

  1. Neil Lloyd says:

    Has to be Weston-Super-Mare. The beach, warm sea and sunny climate make it my number 1 choice.

  2. Thanks Dad, What a very adventurous and exotic holiday destination – well done!

  3. Uthman says:

    I would love to go to Malaysia because of how nice it looks and because my mum said that when she visited Malaysia she thought it was amazing

  4. The Quizmaster says:

    Of course my answer is going to be in the form of a quiz (though it is very easy)! The destination that I would most like to go to is where the only real dragons live. In case you are still unsure the co-ordinates are S8.44 E119.40. And why, because I have always wanted to go there, the whole region is one of the last few wildernesses left, and maybe if I went I would be able to rescue a fair maiden from the clutches of a dragon!

  5. Jacqui says:

    Hello you little jetsetters!

    I love Cordoba as well – that mosque (or cathedral) is definitely one of my favourite buildings in Europe – though don’t you think it would make the best rollerskating rink ever! I also loved the Alhambra in Granada … and have to say I felt like a sultana as well (or maybe a raisin- mwahaha!)

    As for my favourite travel destination, I have so many favourites around the world – I went to Cuba last year and absolutely loved the atmosphere there. Lots of people really just dancing in the street, full of the joy of life! But in terms of places I haven’t been yet that I would like to go – I really want to go to Iceland and stay in a glass igloo and watch the northern lights … though I am not sure about the cold!

    But here I am stuck in the office while you two jet about being unbelievably cool world travellers … 😦


    PS – have you been doing any geocaching while you are there?

    • You’re right about the roller skating, though maybe it needs a few bowling lanes too! Yes, we’re geocaching around the world but Spain has been really difficult. We met some other geocachers who were on their 5 search of the day without any success. We can give you some tips about coping with the cold. Basically once it gets to minus 15, you don’t notice if it gets lower.

  6. Shirom says:

    I’d definitely love to go to America, for all the lovely pancakes and treats awaiting me there! Also Orlando would be a dream to visit!!

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