101 of our best travel experiences (not in order)

snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef, cooking octopus balls in Kyoto, rock climbing in Wanaka, visiting Monterey Bay Aquarium, high-speed travel on the bullet train, cooking smores in Yosemite, hiring a campervan in Oz, using a toilet in Japan, couchsurfing with brilliant families, cruising the Milford Sound, geocaching in Malta, bouncing on a sea biscuit, breaking ice in a boat, smashing a coconut in NZ, eating Okonomiyaki.

sleeping on tatami mats in Japan, visiting Te Papa in Wellington, dreaming in a jumbo jet, fishing in Akoroa, kayaking in NZ, sunbathing on Whitsunday Islands, seeing a Tuatara, visiting California Academy of Sciences, sleeping through an earthquake, bathing tired feet in natural hot springs, visiting Death Valley, touring Gozo, walking the streets of Tallinn, fly fishing on grass, photographing geysers, cycling over the Golden Gate bridge, freezing our eyelashes in Kiruna, eating dried squid.

admiring Alhambra, getting sprayed under Niagara Falls, using the greyhound buses, travelling on a double decker train, eating paella in Madrid, visiting the Australian Outback, standing on Noah’s Beach in the Daintree Rainforest, never knowing where we’re going to sleep, rolling our own sushi with a Japanese family, laughing at funny road signs, trying maple syrup in Canada.

waking up to a view of the Golden Gate bridge, walking through Nara Park, experiencing minus 37 in the arctic, visiting Seville’s Cathedral, having kangaroos bounce outside your tent in the morning, picnicking with a Monitor Lizard, playing disc golf, learning the rules of padel, seeing penguins in NZ, learning different languages, visiting a bullring, eating at Noah’s Bagels. 12taking the ferry from North to South NZ, eating brunch in Montreal, sleeping in a shrine, getting hopelessly lost down interesting streets

skiing for the first time, seeing my first megalithic sight, visiting a rock church, looking through the azure window,  going on a ferry to Talinn, visiting 60 museums and aquariums in one year, walking 3,681 steps in one day around melliaha, ice-skating on an ice-hockey court, trying and eventually finding some platypi in OZ, looking inside a -5 degrees centigrade hotel, finding fresh-ish bear scat in Yosemite, sharing stories round a campfire.

seeing Niagara falls all lit up, hiking down the hill surrounding Ronda, looking through the arches in the Mesquite, waking up to a different view every other day, collecting giant pinecones in Cordoba, Swing sticks around on beaches, watching in awe as dolphins leap around our kayaks, seeing a Cassowary in NZ, losing teeth around the world, hiring a boat in Seville, tracking bear prints in the snow, riding a train between Canada and America.

sealion spotting on Pier 39, making friends around the world, hugging giant redwoods, watching monarch butterflies land on my head, taking the elevator up the Empire State Building, playing in central park NY, scootering in Napier, using the Tokyo Subway, riding the trams in San Francisco, 5 hours of day time in Sweden, sailing under the Golden Gate bridge, watching films in planes.

learning how to travel cheaply,

reaching 101 blogs,

sharing our adventures with you

And the most important one of all

 Travelling the world with each other


About onebigfieldtrip

Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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One Response to 101 of our best travel experiences (not in order)

  1. Jacqui says:

    Not been doing much lately then? Like your style dynamic duo! Look forward to the list you write when you hit 201! x

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