Semana Santa

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Hundreds of penitents



A Tronos

A Tronos

By  Noah – It’s always nice to get involved in local traditions and learn a little more about the country. My education this week has been focused on Semana Santa (or Holy Week) in Christianity. From 13-20 April the streets of Malaga and other Spanish cities are lined with people watching all-day processions  which tell the story of Jesus’ last days.

We were up to 2.30am last night watching 1000s of Nazarenos, floats and musicians weave their way through the nattow streets. The Nazerenos carry huge candles and sometimes walk barefoot. They wear long cloaks and hoods and tall pointy hats (see photo). They looked a bit scary at first but they are very popular with the crowd.

Then comes the Tronos or floats depicting various scenes of Jesus’s last days. These are carried by penitents and we counted as many as 200 men carrying each. They are magnificent especially at night when they are lit up by candles. The tronos’ are then followed by a huge marching band. Many of the musicians are my age. It is very moving to watch, although it’s obviously very slow. I think I am very lucky to have seen this religious celebration.


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