A wander round Ronda

DSCF4598By Noah – Ronda is famous for its huge bridge that plunges deep into the Tajo Canyon. Being adventurous, we had to go down the metre-wide path that led to the base of the Peunte Neuva (the biggest bridge) Its translation reads as ‘New Bridge’ even though it was built in 1793.We hiked (and stumbled) down to the bottom of the canyon ( some 120 metres mind you!). As we expected, the views from the bottom were magnificent when you looked up to see the tiny people at the top.


Okay then prize time!!!!

Unfortunately we have only had 6-7 entries from you readers but I guess that means that you lucky few have an even greater chance of winning.

Right then, the winner is……………………………………

Aunty Alison

Well done on winning our Spanish prize Aunty Alison we’ll get it to you asap.

WELL DONE to all those who entered but hopefully you will have more luck next time (look out for our 200th blog) but in the meantime please keep commenting and checking our blog.


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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One Response to A wander round Ronda

  1. Neil Lloyd says:

    Fix. Can I get a recount!! Great blog Noah , really taking is with you. Albeit I though you were in Shropshire

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