Cave houses in Setenil-de-las-Bodegas

oozing rocks By Noah –  There was one place mum really wanted to go to above all others and that was Setenil-de-las-Bodegas. The problem was getting there as it appeared that there was no public transport. However, we luckily managed to find a local bus that went there (and fortunately, back again). So, we boarded the bus and set off to see the famous ‘rock village’.

We arrived and, as usual, followed Dutch tourists towards the ‘streets of sun and shade’. They were awesome. It was as if the houses were actually part of the rock they were cut into. We did manage to ‘look’ around a shop just to see what it looked like inside. There was no proper roof -just some rock suspended above the ground.

As we walked back down from the top of the village I managed to sneak a peak inside a house. The fridge was even in a small cut-out alcove of its own.

Sadly, Setenil is our last stop off point on our Andalusian Adventures. We’ve just got a few bus journeys back to Malaga and then we’ll be on the plane home. It’s been a wonderful adventure and easy to backpack around. Adios Amigos.


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