Fossil hunting on the Jurassic Coast

jurassic coast 2By Noah – Since our last blog, we’ve been to lots of interesting places including Trerice, an immaculately preserved Elizabethan manor, Plymouth’s Mayflower Steps where many travellers have set off from, a quirky 16-sided house near Exmouth, and most recently Lyme Regis and the Jurassic Coast.


After looking at the spectacular collection of the local Jurassic marine fossils at Dinosaurland we bought a hammer and trekked west to the ammonite graveyard. This layer of rock (as in photo above) is famous for the large ammonites it contains. Most of them have a well preserved outer core and a crushed middle. We weren’t quite up to Mary Anning’s standards but we managed to find some broken ammonites, iron sulphide and many other interesting rocks. jurassic coast DSCF4729

Hopefully, we’ll find some more stones soon – have a guess, as to what we are talking about.


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