Stones,stones and more stones



Stonehenge with labels

Stonehenge with labels

By Noah- Did you guess right? Stonehenge was built in the Neolithic era and was an engineering masterpiece of its kind. The henge comprises of circular banks and ditches built in 3000bc. This ditch was erected using only picks made of antler to excavate the soil and they used chalk to make inner and outer banks.

Before the stones went up, a ring of 56 wooden or stone posts were erected within these circular ditches. This small monument was used as a cremation cemetery for about 500 years. So, in about 2500 BC the site was transformed into what we recognise today by the construction of the central stones, known as sarsen stones.The sarsen stones are a type of sandstone, which is found naturally across southern England.These stones were brought from the Marlborough Downs, 20 miles (32km) away so the Neolithic people who built Stonehenge had to make timber rollers and small rafts.On average the sarsens weigh 25 tons, with the largest stone, the Heel Stone, weighing about 30 tons and would take 100 hundred people to haul them over the great distances.

still 99 more people to go

still 99 more people to go

All in all there are four kinds of stone

  • Sarsens- the big upright stones that formed the outer ring
  • Lintels- these stones were put horizontal on top of some sarsen stones
  • Bluestones- the smaller stones within the circle
  • Trilithons- the sets of stones in the middle with lintels on top

Building Stonehenge took huge effort from hundreds of well-organised people.


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