By Noah- We have finished the southern leg of our Land’s End to John O’Groats trip and the stats are already incredible!

Much to our surprise mum has driven a grand total of 805 miles on this trip alone. I wonder how many more it will take us to get to  John O’Groats and back?

Also, before we left off we bought a National Trust membership card for £45.37. Along the way, we have been stopping at many National Trust owned places such as the sixteen sided house and Stonehenge and jotting down the prices of each and every place as we go.

So, after a few long calculations we have come up with a number.

In total, going to National Trust places with our card has saved us a jaw dropping, amazingly wonderful total of £94.28 (although I probably spent that on ice creams)

Due to this price we would definitely recommend buying a National Trust membership card when travelling our wonderful country


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Mum and son round-the-world travellers.
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