A cool Canal


Boat going up Falkirk Wheel

Boat going up Falkirk Wheel

By Noah- Our next stop on this epic adventure was the Falkirk Wheel, a huge combination of two giant arms which rotate to lift boats between two different levelled canal. Basically, the boat drives on to the lower arm and then the arm rotates, lifting the boat up to the canal above. This is the only rotating boat lift in the world and is over 35 metres tall, the height of 8 double decker buses.

We then stopped in Stirling to go to the newly opened Battle of Banockburn exhibition run by the National Trust. It was a recreation of the actual battle that occurred in 1314 except that you are in charge of the legions and could decide their every move. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for me, I was placed in charge of three legions, one of which was commanded by Robert the Bruce, the Scottish King. I wisely tried to keep him away from the main fight but was outnumbered two to one and was defeated allowing the English to capture Stirling Castle.

In the real Battle of Banockburn, even though the Scottish were outnumbered two to one they managed to use the landscape to their advantage and caused many of the English soldiers to flee from the battle.

All in all I got to watch  the Falkirk wheel go round before I was hit by an arrow and died in Stirling! Beats School!


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